The UK-DCD-Risk-Score - practical and new guidance for allocation of a specific organ to a recipient?

Kalisvaart, Marit, Muiesan, Paolo and Schlegel, Andrea (2019) The UK-DCD-Risk-Score - practical and new guidance for allocation of a specific organ to a recipient? Expert review of gastroenterology & hepatology, 13 (8). pp. 771-783. ISSN 1747-4132.

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: Multiple factors contribute to the overall outcome in donation after circulatory death liver transplantation. The majority is however inconsistently reported with various acceptance criteria and thresholds, when to decline a specific graft. Recent improvement in outcome was based on an increased awareness of the cumulative risk, combining donor and recipient parameters, which encouraged the community to accept livers with an overall higher risk. : This review pictures the large number of risk factors in this field with a special focus on parameters, which contribute to available prediction models. Next, features of the recently developed UK-DCD-Risk-Score, which led to a significantly impaired graft survival, above a suggested threshold of >10 score points, are discussed. The clinical impact of this new model on the background of other prediction tools with their subsequent limitations is highlighted in a next chapter. Finally, we provide suggestions, how to further improve outcomes in this challenging field of transplantation. : Despite the recent development of new prediction models, including the UK-DCD-Risk-Score, which provides a sufficient prediction of graft loss after DCD liver transplantation, the consideration of other confounders is essential to better understand the overall risk and metabolic liver status to improve the comparability of clinical studies. More uniform definitions and thresholds of individual risk factors are required.

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